Literacy Forward: Our new strategy for growth

Since 2009, our mission has been very simple: to use literacy in supporting young people in their journey to become clear and effective communicators, self-directed and lifelong learners, creative and practical problem solvers, responsible and involved citizens, and interactive and informed thinkers.

Throughout the years, we were driven by passion and the zeal to share knowledge and nurture talents and foster a vision of literate communities.

Much of the work we did was experimental. But now we know exactly where we are headed.

Our new strategy for growth – Literacy Forward – lays out a foundation of our new direction for change under three action pillars:


Methods, ideas, and products for more effective learning and exchange of knowledge and resources, and foster a culture of co-design and creation.


Actors in robust conversations, attract interest and attention of leaders, and participate in movements that are in line with, and support, our mission.


Lead commitment to actions that inspire leadership and foster learning, clarity and transparency, enlightenment, and multidisciplinary approaches to solving problems.

Our leadership will focus on aligning and supporting actors, building our own research base and knowledge capital, as well as building long-term partnerships.

To learn more about our new strategy, please request the overview by reaching out to our team via anytime.