The Centre for Literacy and Learning

As part of our vision to see Rwanda – and Africans in general – thrive in the global economy, we are building leadership to shape the future of education under a new flagship project.

The Centre for Literacy and Learning is a home for resources and programmes that foster literacy and learning as a lifelong process.

The Centre’s existence will support our role and responsibility in the global response to the existing learning crisis.

Equipped with a Support Centre, a Change-agent Space, a Mini-library, a Mini-conference Area, and an Exhibition Area, it projects a multi-facet vision:

Learners will dwell in the Centre to meet their needs and sharpen their skills and aptitude for learning.

Aspiring authors will look to our experts for mentorship and guidance in content creation and publishing.

Schools and educators will seek collaboration for creative methods to foster learning in communities.

Learning activists and educational change agents will meet at the Centre for inspiration and ideas.

Government institutions and civil society will find it easy to meet next-generation leaders and tap into their potential

NGOs and private companies will seek collaboration for youth-led solutions to educational challenges.

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