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Q: What we do and why we do it?

We work with young people from across different range of backgrounds (mostly secondary school and college students in Rwanda) to help them advance their literacy and learning skills - through workshops, coaching and skill development programmes. We are also involved in promoting local writing, authors and creating, publishing literary journals.

YouLI believes that equipping the next generation of leaders with adequate literacy skills is an absolute necessity for youth to become effective communicators and lifelong learners.

Q: What is YouLI?

YouLI is a registered non-profit NGO, founded in November 2009 by Gilbert Rwabigwi, in the Republic of Rwanda. Youth-led, it has as mission to advance literacy and learning. YouLI is not a membership organisation. It is a public-interest organisation which collects donations from foundations, grants from government or international agencies, in-kind donations and private donations from individuals and organisations in Rwanda and around the globe.

Q: What has YouLI achieved so far?

When YouLI started in 2009, there was little efforts in the country to encourage reading and writing. Today, tens of NGOs and private entities, as well as government – through the Ministry of Education - are investing invaluable resources in promoting a reading culture and writers.

YouLI has played a significant part in raising literacy awareness in schools, government and with opinion leaders. Each year since 2010, YouLI engages up to three hundred students and young graduates in series of campaigns, workshops and seminars, and works with partners to publish literary outlets.

Q: How to support YouLI?

There are a number of ways you can support YouLI. First, please educate yourself or strive to learn more about the importance of literacy and how to foster a culture of learning. In case you meet any challenges, our team is happy to facilitate.

Second, you can check out some of our programmes and see if you might be interested to join in. It may seem difficult in the beginning but as you learn how diversified our programmes are, you related to most of the activities involved.

Third, check out some of our major projects to see if you can, in any way, volunteer and support our team in implementing them.

Fourth, you can help us raise more resources – to help us reach our goals for this year and in the long run – by donating money or offering in-kind contributions. You can also help spread the word about us and the work we do to potential supporters around the globe. Last, but not least, visit our support page to learn more.

Q: How we define literacy?

Simple. We see literacy as a set of skills and tools that helps an individual become life-long learners.